12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James - Success With Offline Marketing

Russell Brunson, who has experienced a great deal of financial success online, has come out with a program called 12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James, an audio interview series. It's based on the book 12 Month Millionaire, which was authored by Vince James and is currently out of print. Although he's a past criminal, these days Vince James uses direct mail marketing to make revenue that surpasses that of several CEOs. His book teaches ways for online marketers to make money, and Brunson interviewed James to boost his own website marketing business. By using the various methods recommended by James, Brunson has experienced incredible financial success and is presently a highly sought after Internet Marketing speaker. In the interview, you can actually expect to learn how you can become successful when moving your online business offline and, if you're looking to do this, the information will be very useful to you. Most of the points made in this interview probably will not be understood by the average web marketer. Still, an intelligent marketer is able to take full advantage of some of the information and make positive changes in his business. The first interview session is about the way the 21-year-old Vincent James created a million dollar business. He reveals how he realized success and what particular niche he was in. He explains how he was able to put together a membership web site and obtain 65,000 paying users within the first year. The second part of the interview covers information publishing and developing info products. Vincent marketed information products through direct marketing and direct mailing, and he shares his secrets on how he did it. Everyone talks about building a list, and in session three, Vincent teaches his methods on building a list, and maintaining the latest information of not only the customers, but also the prospects. You are going to learn the value of your customers and ways to turn them into a steady stream of income. Vincent uses the fourth part of the interview to share just how he attained business success with his advertising tactics. This session is important when you are frustrated with your efforts to generate sales from your traffic. You're going to learn more advertising methods in session five, such as using commercial ads on radio and TV, to generate leads. In the sixth session, Vincent talks about ways to deal with problems that will surely arise in your business. Learn what your alternatives are if your product is stolen by someone. Numerous online products are available for the purpose of showing you how to earn money. Some are a lot better than others, and many aren't newbie-friendly. In this program, you are going to discover some worthwhile tips, particularly in reference to using offline marketing to generate profits. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer, you will learn something helpful in these interviews. Not everybody is willing to discover the power of Truth About Quickness, but you are and that is to your credit. Most people dream, and they are not the ones we are interested to try to help, to be frank. You can find excellent supporting materials and resources at Truth About Quickness, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover.