Approaching Bullet Points from A Copywriting Perspective

You can greatly improve your business profits by studying copywriting without becoming a complete expert. A good sales letter will be a collection of copy strategies. The reason bullets can work so well is they show the reader what is in it for them. Any time you write marketing copy, you simply have to describe to the reader how the product will enrich their lives. Writing solid bullet points is a skill you can learn and even master if you want. Check out this Waterless Urinals page

The normal convention is to place a small graphic at the beginning of each bullet point. If you want to get a huge number of ideas, just go to Clickbank and spend a few hours looking at their sales letters. The small images all serve to stop the reader from scanning and slow down long enough to read the points. Avoid diluting the impact of the bullet by using a suitable graphic image, here. When in doubt, just be very simple and plain and go with the black dot which is what is used in MS Word.

Only bullet those points that you think are necessary to be highlighted, but creating a bullet point for every other point that you come across in your copy will defeat the purpose. You have to focus your efforts on bringing out the efficiency of your copy by making the right points stand out. This also allows you to create the necessary inner balance within your copy. Once you have that done, then you can finish the copy and proceed. You have a lot of flexibility with bullets when it comes to where you want them to appear.Check out this Waterless Urinals page

You should try and avoid numbered lists when you're creating bullet points, and the reason for this is that numbers can suggest that you're ranking your points. So the first bullet point may be considered 'better' than the rest, which could be inappropriate. So if you want to avoid this bias from creeping up, then it's better to go for symbols. Generally speaking this shouldn't be a problem, but people assume stuff easily, and it's your job to make your copy convincing and more appealing. So that is just one thing when it comes to properly formatting your bullets.

When writing your copy, do not be fooled into thinking you do not have to put much effort into the bullet points. So it is smart to never ignore how important they are to your copy because they impact conversions. There is a lot more you can learn about bullet points, so be sure you seek that information and learn it. Just bear in mind that your bullets need not be long, and they are never as long as a paragraph.Check out this Waterless Urinals page